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Brazil, with its charm and beauty is one of the quintessential tourist destinations in Latin America. Its fabulous beaches, the Amazon rainforest, its people, culture and climate make the country a cozy and very pleasant throughout the year.

The major cities of Brazil combines beautiful architecture with idyllic white sand beaches. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the most popular country for its rich cosmopolitan life.

In the north, Salvador Bahia and Fortaleza attract more tourists. Meanwhile, in the central Amazon stands one of the most modern and futuristic world, Brasilia, capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

But since this vast country has the longest Atlantic coast of the continent, countless idyllic villages and towns are happening one after another, always framed hills, small hills full of vegetation. Its extensive beaches of white sands and green waters, ideal for practicing all kinds of water sports, scuba diving, relaxation and adventure.

The following menus will find travel alternatives both the coastal and the inland jungle. Enjoy it!
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